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China is now the largest buyer of Brazilian wines


Exports of Brazilian wineries members of the integrated sector-based project Wines of Brasil, held by Ibravin and Apex-Brasil, totaled US$ 1.85 million in the first half of this year, while in the same period in 2011 it amounted to US$ 996 thousand
Brazilian wine exports grew by 86% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. The companies involved in the integrated sector-based project Wines of Brasil, held by the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), exported US$ 1.85 million in wine from January to June, while in the same period in 2011 it amounted to US$ 996 thousand.
"It is a considerable achievement that deserves to be celebrated," said the export manager of Wines of Brasil, Andreia Gentilini Milan. This amount represents 34% of the target value of exports in 2012. The export figures are FOB (Free on Board, without freight and without the taxes levied on products sold in Brazil). The export volume grew by 142%, going from 313,900 liters in the first half of 2011 to 760,300 liters from January to June 2012.
China, which surprised coming second in 2011 in the ranking of the largest buyers of Brazilian wines, became the leader in the first half of this year. The Asian country bought US$ 405,000 from January to June, 492% more than the total purchases during the same period in 2011 - US$ 68,400. The value already exceeds the total exported to China during last year, which amounted to US$ 390,300 by five companies - Casa Valduga, Cooperativa Vinícola Garibaldi, Miolo, Pizzato and Salton. This year, only two companies - Miolo and Salton - exported to the Chinese. "Everything happens so fast in China - a huge country with a very large population and a growing interest in wine," said Andreia. Wine exports to China began in 2010, when US$ 4,000 were sold via Hong Kong. "Basically we had just sent samples. The real business began only last year" said Andreia.
According to her, Brazilian wines were not sold earlier in China because there were no investments in this market. “The first time we took part in fairs and events in China was in 2011 and we have already obtained positive results,” noted Andreia. The Chinese have shown a great interest for wine and they seek products that give them status. "There are good opportunities for Brazilian wines in China, mainly because our country has a good image among consumers," she said. The volume of wine sold ?in China grew from 18,400 liters to 41,000 liters - an increase of 123%. The average price increased by 140%, the highest average price among the eight priority markets of Wines of Brasil.
The UK is the second largest buyer of Brazilian wines, followed by Russia, Holland, France, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium. Andreia also highlights the increase in the number of companies taking part in the project, from 35 early this year to 38 at the end of the first half. Nine companies exported until June to 24 different countries.
Exports of Wines of Brasil accounted for 74% of the overall total Brazilian exports of wine. In seven of the eight target countries (Germany, Canada, USA, China / Hong Kong, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK), exports of Wines of Brasil represent 100% of the total wine exported by Brazil (China/Hong- Kong, UK, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Canada and Germany).Six of the eight target countries of Wines of Brasil increased imports of the green-yellow labels. Wines of Brasil aims to position the Brazilian product in the international market through the promotion of fine wine bottled.
Countries that most bought Brazilian wine in the first half of 2012
1st China
2nd United Kingdom
3rd Russia
4th Holland
5th France
6th United States
7th Poland
8th Switzerland
9th Finland
10th Belgium