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Promotional projects of Ibravin award the year’s highlights with Saca-Rolhas trophy

Companies and professionals were chosen by vote, cast by the companies themselves. A retroactive summary of 13 facts that marked the period was also presented by the Institute’s staff



More than celebrating a year of hard work and conquests in the Brazilian grape and wine sector, last night (10th) presented the recognition by wineries to professionals and companies that stood out in 2013 with the awarding of the Saca Rolhas trophy by the Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin). The Best of the Year 2013 awards, organized by the teams who work in the institute’s promotion projects, took place at Buteco 63 in Garibaldi in Serra Gaucha.


Within the domestic market, wineries that participated in the Vinhos do Brasil initiatives, chose the marketing manager of Vinicola Aurora, Lourdes Conci da Silva as Highlight Professional. Lidio Carraro Boutique was elected amongst the small wineries and Perini was the winner amongst the large companies. Dal Pizzol Vinhos Finos, besides having been the most voted amongst the medium companies, was elected the highlight company of the Image Project. The counselor with most participation in meetings of the Deliberative counsel was Denis Debiasi, representing the Interstate Commission for grape.



Within the Wines of Brasil project, carried out in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency(Apex) to promote Brazilian wines abroad, Miolo, for the fifth consecutive year was the winner in the largest exported value category. Export supervisor of Vinicola Aurora, Rosana Pasini, was awarded with the Stand out Professional trophy.


Cooperativa Agrícola São Joaquin (Sanjo) was the most voted amongst the companies of the First Export Project (PPE). The highest growth in export in 2013 was gained by Lidio Carraro Boutique Winery, with a performance above 110% (data up to third trimester). Casa Valduga has also been given special distinction for being the winery with most participation in the international promotion project initiatives for Brazilian wines.


Casa de Madeira was awarded a prize as the most assiduous participant in the 100% Grape Juice of Brazil project initiatives.


This year’s event’s schedule brought a novelty, with a compilation of the 13 most relevant facts and conquests in 2013. An increase in the percentage proportioned from the Grape and Wine Development Fund (Fundovitis), from 25% to 50% to Ibravin and the agreement of cooperation with supermarket and distributor organizations to enhance Brazilian wine space in the market have headed the list in the institutional area. The retrospective has also cited the great performance of Brazilian wines in the Challenge of Wine In, and event that put to test products in terms of quality and competitiveness.


Amongst important facts related to international expansion, was the opening of the first office abroad, in Miami in the United States. The completion of 370 promotion initiatives both in the domestic and international markets, 49% more in relation to 2012 and the coming of the responsible for the Judgment of Paris, Steven Spurrier to visit the wines and the companies in Serra Gaucha, were some of the 13 remembered facts.



Vinhos do Brasil

- Project Highlight: Dal Pizzol Vinhos Finos

-  Small Company Highlight: Lidio Carraro Vinícola Boutique

-  Medium Company Highlight: Dal Pizzol Vinhos Finos

-   Large Company Highlight: Vinícola Perini

-  Professinal Highlight: Lourdes Conci da Silva (marketing manager for Vinícola Aurora)

Largest participation in meetings of the Deliberative Counsel of Ibravin: Denis Debiasi, representative of the Interstate Commission for Grape.


Wines of Brasil

-  Largest exported value: Miolo Wine Group

-  Largest Growth in Exports: Lidio Carraro Vinícola Boutique

- Largest participation in the Project’s initicatives: Casa Valduga

-  First Export Highlight (PPE): Sanjo Produtos de Origem

- Professional Highlight: Rosana Pasini ( Export supervisor for Vinícola Aurora)


100% Grape Juice

-  Largest participation in the project’s initiatives: Casa Madeira



13 Most relevant facts of 2013

1. Increase of Fundovitis proportioned to finance Ibravin’s initiatives from 25% to 50%

2. Cooperation agreement with supermarket, distributors and importers associations

3. Agribusiness Award from Federasul as in the case of Vinhos do Brasil

4. Presentation of wine in small box, inside a package of promotional initiatives at the Vai-Vai Carnival support in Sao Paulo

5. Generation of R$ 25 million in spontaneous media

6. Performance highlighted at the Challenge of Wine In

7. Hire of a Brand Ambassador, with the opening of the first office abroad, in Miami (USA)

8. Technical mission comprising 14 companies to get to know grape juice production in the United States

9. Passaporte Brasil Promotion, at the  American high-end supermarket chain Central Market, which resulted in the largest Brazilian wine exhibition abroad

10. Launching of the Program of Access to Domestic Market (Pami), aimed at supporting and capacitating small companies

11. Visit of English wine critic Steven Spurrier – and other 53 international visitors and 130 Brazilian sommeliers – to find out more about Serra Gaucha

12. Ten fold increase in the user base connected to Wines of Brasil channels in social media

13. Completion of 370 promotion initiatives in the domestic and international market, 49% more compared to 2012.