The goal of the Wines of Brasil project is to show the quality of Brazilian wine around the world. This includes participating in major gatherings of the industry in different countries and promoting events to highlight the presence of green-yellow wineries. This work is supported by representatives in target markets, government agencies and experts from various branches of trade. Keep abreast of events where Brazilian wine is the star.

September | 2017
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    Full Circle Bevcon 2017 – Southern Hemisphere

    A large conference lasting three days, where master classes, seminars, guided wine tastings, harmonized lunches, and wine tasting circuits, among other activities

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    Independence Party

    Articulated by the Brazilian embassy in Santiago (Chile), nearly 300 people will participate in a celebration honoring Brazil’s independence at Hotel W

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    Brazilian Independence Dinner

    Nearly 350 people will participate in a reception held at the Brazilian ambassador’s residence in the United States federal capital, where material about Wines of Brasil will be offered and wines served from the wineries, Miolo and Salton, participants of the Wines of Brasil project

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    Toast to the Flag

    Upon invitation of the Brazilian consulate in San Francisco (USA), Salton will serve its products at a cocktail party in city hall

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    Sparkling Brasil

    An ample agenda that gathers seminars, talks, a technical mission to fairs, winery and trade points, business rounds, talks, and a harmonized dinner organized in conjunction between Wines of Brasil and the Brazilian embassy in Chile

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    Sparkling Brasil

    Along with the Brazilian Embassy, Wines of Brasil takes the best among our bubbles to Santiago, in Chile

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    SITT Tasting Autumn - Manchester

    A tasting for both new and seasoned trade professionals, across the independent on- and off-trade sectors

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    SITT Tasting Autumn - London

    It's time for London to host this special tasting for the wine trade

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    National Wine Evaluation

    Brazilian wine producers get together to evaluate last harvest's results on the biggest collective tasting in the world