The same way as the wine industry itself, wine tourism has had a fast development in Brazil in the last 20 years. With the growth and professionalizing of the wineries, adequate spaces were created to receive visitors. However, this advance has not affected the receptivity of the enterprises. As most of the times the wineries have a familiar identity, the tourists are usually received by the company owners themselves, or by the oenologists responsible for the elaboration of the wines. 


As with the production of wine itself, most of the wine tourism routes can be found in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil - near the frontiers of Argentina and Uruguay. But the newer grape and wine centers, such as the Planalto Catarinense and the Vale do São Francisco, have already organized a good offer of attractions to the travelers. The good availability of airports, roads in good conditions and efficient signalization make the trip to the main routes easier. In the busiest regions, it is also possible to enjoy a comfortable hotel structure, formed basically by hotels localized in the cities that serve as references to the wine tourism poles or bed & breakfasts inside the wineries themselves.


Besides discovering delicious wines, tourists have the chance to prove the local cuisine, to check the cultural schedule and the Brazilian folklore, and to do shopping, among many other attractions. The wine tourism experience in Brazil is very far from the stereotype of the beaches and popular parties, which makes it a pleasant surprise to any traveler.

  • Serra Gaúcha

    The wine tourism routes in the Serra Gaúcha have the city of Bento Gonçalves as a reference basis, but spread along a large number of municipalitie...

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  • Vale dos Vinhedos

    Mentioned by the Wine Enthusiast magazine as one of the 10 best wine tourism destinations in the world, the Vale dos Vinhedos is a mandatory stop t...

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  • Garibaldi

    A city that has specialized in the production of sparkling wines and offers a thematic tour route about this drink. Around 450 thousand yearly visi...

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  • Pinto Bandeira

    The highlight of this region is also the sparkling wine, besides the impressive landscapes, with native woods, waterfalls and, of course, vineyards...

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  • Altos Montes Region

    Recently recognized as a zone with Indication of Origin (IO), it houses fancy wineries, of modern architecture, beautifully integrated to the viney...

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  • Hortênsias Region

    The preserved colonial architecture rendered famous this region, concentrated between the cities of Gramado and Canela. The route, however, does no...

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  • Developing Routes

    - Campanha: near the frontier with Uruguay and Argentina, this region houses some of the oldest vineyards in Brazil. But the wine tourism structure...

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